Gazebo SImulation not working properly

i am trying to spawn multiple robots in local machine in ros2 humble but i am getting a weird behaviour where my robots are moving up from one side in gazebo

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It is hard to know what could be wrong with your gazebo robot from just a screenshot, but if I had to guess, I would say that the weird behavior you are getting can be because of:

  1. Incorrect gazebo physics: this can be either with the robot or the models the robot is interacting with.
  2. Wheel control: This can be a misconfiguration in whatever you have set as your wheel control, either ROS 2 control or a gazebo differential drive plugin.
  3. Problems in the URDF: maybe an incorrect joint or link definition can cause behavior issues.

We provide the tools to understand Gazebo, ROS 2 and URDF in these courses:

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