Generic ROS Control Driver Template - Connect any robot with ros control

I created a first version of a ros control/ hardware interface driver template, with a demo robot and Moveit Functionallity.

The example implemented is aimed for Diy robot arms with simple servos. For that i also provide demo ros drivers for the pwm9685 board and configurable mapping process of ros command to servo command.

You can run the driver in fake execution mode for testing without the need of a real robot. This is done by passing to the state the command, thus fooling the agnostic ros controllers. This is how we should connect robot’s without feedback

easily configurable to put your api in the read() and write() methods with the help of a generic_driver object/library which is responsible for writting and reading to you robot, there you need to put your custom Api. This object then get’s used from the Hardware interface

I would love the feedback to improve the Driver!!!

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We will have a look at it :wink: Seems really cool!

Hi @duckfrost

that’s nice to hear i made this project for the community ^^
you have my consent if you want to feature it in your new deep dark ros series and i’ll be honoured!

Also i am thinking on making a similar project but this time aimed for differential drive robot’s with the diff_drive_controller (possibly making a custom ros controller for mecannum wheel based robot’s too)

Furthermore i would like to ask the team if you would like me to devote some time making a course for the construct regarding hardware interfaces
but i will send a different email asking for that

Best regards!