How can I practice the course “Ros Basics in 5 Days” in my local PC using bb8 robot?

Hi there,
I would like to practice the courses “Ros Basics in 5 Days” in my local PC using bb8 robot. Can any one instruct me how can I upload bb8 to gazebo and implement in local PC. Local PC running ubuntu 20.04.6 with ROS1 noetic. Thank you much in advance.

Mr. Percin

Hi @Sureyya ,

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I am going to give you a gist of what you need to do. I can’t explain the whole steps here as most of them are explained in the course(s).

  1. Install ROS1 Noetic on your Ubuntu Computer.
  2. Setup ROS1 workspace and environment.
  3. Download the BB-8 package from here: BB-8 Packages Bitbucket Repo
  4. Put these files in your catkin_ws (or ros1_ws) workspace.
  5. Create a new ROS1 package and create a launch file to launch gazebo with your preferred world, spawn this BB-8 robot in your preferred coordinates.
  6. Finally use teleop program to move the robot to check if the robot moves.
  7. If the robot moves successfully, then you can program the robot and add this program to your launch file.
  8. Launch your final launch file, relax and enjoy!


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