How to launch robot in rosds using launch file

I want to launch Husky robot , but in a world not specified in the provided list. (I want a simple maze)
How can I do it using a launch file in ROSDS? I know how to start the gazebo_ros with a world, but can’t understand how to launch husky. If there is a course that can teach me this, welcome to point me to it.
The online guides say use roslaunch husky_gazebo but it is not installed.
I actually managed to install it using apt-get ros-kinetic-husky-simulation , but the robot is shown incorrectly.
the ROS version doesn’t matter to me


I created a ROsject with that: rosject-husky-maze

You just have to follow the instructions on the notebook. Basically is launching:

roslaunch husky_launch main_maze.launch

You can also launch the same thing but with the turtlebot using this launch:

roslaunch turtlebot_project main.launch

Hope this helps

hi! it looks great! thanks!!
I see you installed husky in the simulator workspace…?
can you recommend which course teaches more about how to install robots in the simulation ws? thanks again!!

husky_control /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky/husky_control
husky_description /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky/husky_description
husky_exam /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky_exam
husky_gazebo /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky_simulator/husky_gazebo
husky_launch /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky_launch
husky_msgs /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky/husky_msgs
husky_navigation /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky/husky_navigation
husky_navigation_launch /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky_navigation_launch
husky_ur5_moveit_config /home/user/simulation_ws/src/husky/husky/husky_ur5_moveit_config