How to open simulator (gazebo) on own computer environment

On the construct plaform the simulation and some topics, ros control are already published. how to make the same environment on my own computer, if i want to manipulate the robot arm with moveit. exactly, which launch files or scripts for gazebo should i run in advance, before i execute $(arg robot_name)_planning_execution.launch. I want to spawn a robot model in gazebo and control the robot in simulation world with moveit adn ros control.


So it depends on the simulation you want to launch of course.
You hava available all the simulations used in the courses to download and install in your system to test.
Normally the simulations packages have a main.launch that starts a world and spawns a robot.

Take this git for example: RBKAIROS TC GIT

You have to launch:

roslaunch rbkairos_gazebo rbkairos_gazebo.launch gui:=false