How to rotate the simulation environment?

I’m not able to rotate the simulation environment. Can only zoom in/out and translate the view but it prevents me from viewing robots behind a wall, for which I would need to rotate/ reorient my view.

To rotate - Press Shift + right click(mouse) + move mouse

Thanks, but that didn’t work. It just zooms in/out.
I’m on a Linux machine if that helps.

Hi @velamore and @shankari021100 ,

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To rotate the view on simulation window you must use:
Shift Key + Left Mouse Button Click + Drag.
To be clear, You must hold down the Shift key and the Left Mouse Button and Drag to rotate view.

Shift Key + Right Mouse Button + Drag has no effect. It is same as Right Mouse Button + Drag.
The action is Zoom in or out.
Two-Finger Scroll also does the same action - zoom in or out.

Left Mouse Button + Drag will move the view in linear direction (up, down, left, right).

These actions are not machine specific. These are the same controls for Linux / Windows / MacOS.



Thanks a lot. It works.