How to run instructions from the course in my local computer?

Hi Girish Kumar,

I sent 10 days ago below topic and thank you for the reply. Since then I was in long business trip could not answer and Topics reply died. I need step instructions to run bb8 robot in gazebo due to fact I have very little knowledge about gazebo. Many thanks in advance.

“I would like to practice the courses “Ros Basics in 5 Days” in my local PC using bb8 robot. Can any one instruct me how can I upload bb8 to gazebo and implement in local PC. Local PC running ubuntu 20.04.6 with ROS1 noetic. Thank you much in advance.”

  1. Go to The Construct public repo of simulations:
  2. Search for the BB8 sim and clone it on a catkin_ws/src of your computer
  3. Compile it
  4. Then launch the simulation. Check for the different launch files in the bb8_gazebo package to identify the one to launch

Good luck. You may need to do modifications to the code or install missing libraries in your computer in order to properly launch the simulation. That sometimes is a little tricky.

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Hi @Sureyya ,

the repository that Ricardo mentioned is this one:

There you will find different branches. I would recommend you clone the noetic branch, because is the most recent ROS distro.

Thank you for the instructions I will try.

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