How to setup from scratch the navigation stack in a real omnibot?

Hi there!

I have completed the navigation stack based in a simulation of my omnibot model using URDF and gazebo, where i have added tf & jointstate plugin in urdf file. Now how can I do the same, I have assembled my robot with the required hardware (actuators and sensors), so how can I do it from scratch?

Hello @canko1908,

Well that depends on the topic and frame names you have in your real robot. If it’s the same setup as the simulated robot, then you should be able to use (almost) the same packages you were using for the simulated robot. I say almost because there are always some parameter adjustments that can be done for the real robot. If the topic and frame names are different from the simulation, then you will need to modify them in the parameter files to adjust them to the new ones.

During the Mobile Manipulator Master we did during February, we tested this with a real RB-Kairos robot, and we only had to do some minor modifications related to different topic names.


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