I cant recieve any thing in /scan topic

In the rosject “ros basic in 5 days python”, when i tip “rostopic echo /scan” in the web shell, nothing is send thru. Only when i tip “roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch” the scan topic is send. In the real robots the same.

Something must be publishing to the /scan topic before you can echo it:

  • For the simulation, you need to start the simulation with roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch first. It’s the simulation that publishes to the /scan topic.
  • For the real robot, this might be a bug in the robot. Please follow this topic for updates on that:

PS: Are you doing the ROS 2 or ROS 1 course?

i am doing ROS 1 course.

This is a print from the real robotics

Thanks for the clarifications. We’re looking into it.

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