Is it just me - or do you get suspicious too when 'colcon build' works first time for a new package

I have to admit I get mild palpitations when I enter colcon build, but if I have created a new package and it works first time then I wonder what I did wrong as I would expect at least a couple of errors to creep in.

Ah well, all a good learning experience I guess :smiley:


Of course it can work first time. This just means you managed to get it right the first time - good job! Keep it up.

PS: successful compilation does not necessarily mean everything has been done well, it’s only a sign. The final check is that the package works as expected, so please keep being detailed to get everything done well.

Thanks. And in the above case, I had actually gotten the package name muddled a bit so in the end sourcing the package didn’t work until I deleted the build and install directories to fix the package glitch with colcon build and now it’s working well.