Is it time to jump into ROS2? Please share your thoughts!

The first distribution release of ROS2, Ardent Apalone, was released on December 8th, 2017. As of May 31st this year, we have Dashing Diademata.

ROS2 promises a “next-generation ROS platform”, but…

Do you think it’s time to jump into ROS2? For what use cases? Why and why not?

Hi bayodesegun,
i’m a senior student in a mechtronics and robotics department and i wanna study this course as my graduation project a bipedal robot.

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Hi @medozezo320!

Thanks for replying and welcome to the community!

Do you mean that you’re taking the ROS2 Course? Any reasons why you chose ROS2 over ROS1 for this project?

I think a big problem with ROS2 is, that it is very new and there isn’t that much information and support available. This makes ROS1 the obvious choice for research.

It would be great to get an idea of how ROS1 and ROS2 are different in actually using them. How much transfer there is in knowledge and code etc.