Launch file for Jetson Nano

Hi All - I am doing the Jetson course and while the launch file works I am not able to see the launch file and its contents. How do I see the code of the launch files when i execute -

roslaunch ignisbot_people_follower_pkg ignisbot_sim_peopletracker.launch


roslaunch person_sim move_person_standing.launch

Hello @anirban.ghatak,

You can, for instance, go to the package that contains the launch file with the command:

cd ignisbot_people_follower_pkg

Then enter the launch directory:

cd launch

Here you can visualize any file using cat or vi:

vi ignisbot_sim_peopletracker.launch

Another option could be to copy the file to your workspace in order to visualize it using the IDE.

cp ignisbot_sim_peopletracker.launch ~/catkin_ws/src/

Hope this helps you.