List of package/feature requests still open to implement for ROS2?

Hi ROS developers!
Is there a list of new package or feature requests which are still open to implement for ROS2 ?
I want to contribute to the community by

  1. finding something useful-but-not-too-big to do
  2. implement a full ROS2 package for it and
  3. put it out on GitHub
    Kind regards and thanks in advance!

Hi @fadri.pestalozzi ,

I think the best place for you to start is here: Contributing — ROS 2 Documentation: Humble documentation
The above link is for ROS2 Humble.

I believe ROS2 Rolling is the version that will be in continuous update. And I guess some features from this set will be packaged and released as separate versions like Foxy, Galactic, Humble, etc,.
[Although, I am not sure if I understood that correctly, I read something like that just once.]

The above page has clear explanations as to which parts of ROS2 development needs help or contribution. It also gives detailed info on how to submit a (your) contribution.


Thanks Girish for the link to the ROS 2 Documentation on how to contribute :smiley: