Mark 4.0 but same code as solution

I tried the ROS Control 101 Quiz today multiple times. When I test my code everything is working fine but when I correct the quiz I get the mark 4.0 and I don’t know why so I opened the solution and I saw that my code was nearly the same as the code in the solution but I dind’t get a mark from 8.0 to 10.0.

I really want to get the certificate for the ROS Beginner Course.

Here you can find my code:
quiz packages

Thank you very much.
Kind Regards

Hello @felix.hoffmann.vhh,

I’ve been testing the packages you sent me and I’m getting a mark of 10:

Can you make sure you close all the programs you might have running in the Shells before correcting it?


Hi Alberto,

Thank you very much.
Okay, maybe there was a program running,

I would like to check that but actually I can’t access the courses anymore. My license is activated until 07.01. but when I try to open a course it says that I need to subscribe.


Hello @felix.hoffmann.vhh,

Let me redirect this issue to the proper team.


I have checked and found that you can access the courses with the License tied to this account. Did you login with the right account?