Morphology link structure (xyz, rpy) for creating urdf model using solidworks

Hello, i was wondering about defining robot structure (xyz and rpy) in urdf using solidworks or another cad software.
I use the example of gurdy robot. the morphology of Gurdy’s link structure can be seen on the image below :

In defining robot structure in xyz, i can directly got the xyz from the solidworks, like the image. (z is the height from the base to the link, right?)
But how can i know the rpy directly from the solidworks? thank you

Thank you so much.

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Its a very good question. In theory you can get the rpy from Solidworks directly, although it depends a lot on how you created the parts and assembly. In the real worls you wouldnt do that. Because this is a fairly simple robot, but real robots have hundreds of parts and really complex. Also the assemblies most of the times are made by restrictions that dont really define the angles. You can create a point that you then use the measuring tool to get those distances and angles, but as I said, that’s not really practical for complex robots.

So the best way to do this is to use the SolidWorks to URDF exporter. It will position all the parts correctly and you will have to just clean it up and correct or add the joints if they didn’t work correctly. Also in OnShape Online CAD there is a plugin to export to URDF, so that also another option, which I personally have used quite number of times.

Solid Works To URDF

OnShape to robot

I would personally use OnShape, the online way of doing it is very practical and sharing the projects is so much easier.

Hope it helps