MoveIt setup assistant doesnt load gripper

Hi guys,
I am trying to set up a config file for panda franka using move-it set up assistant. I have been trying to add the gripper to the robot but it doesnt work. At the very first stage of the moveit setup assistant I import the panda_arm.urdf.xacro file but it doesnt load the gripper. I have tried passing optional xacro arguments like “hand:=true” but the setup assistant freezes at 20 percent and in the console I get a [ERROR] [1680157656.348511494]: [setParam] Failed to contact master at [2_xterm:11311]. Retrying… error. I am using ros-noetic-franka-description and moveit setup assistant 2.0. Please how can i fix thiss, to load the robot and the gripper in set up assistant

I don’t know the package or the robot arm you’re talking about specifically, but my guess would be that panda_arm.urdf.xacro does not include the gripper, it’s just the arm. Maybe there is another xacro that includes the gripper, so look for panda_robot.urdf.xacro or something similar. If it’s not there, then you will have to create a xacro with both the arm and the gripper.

You can also go into the file you want to check if you can add arguments like the hand one you are talking about.

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