My own robotic project

I have two simple questions that they are really important for me in order to advance in a real Robotic Project in ROS.

First I have to say that it’s necessary for me to apply my own inverse kinematics to the project. This means that talking about working with the kinematic solvers in moveit isn’t an option. Explained that let’s explain you what are my doubts and hope to exchange ideas with someone:

1-My robot is the 6Dof Sainsmart robotic arm. You can see this robot in this web page… . As you can see this robot has a close chain, so my idea is trying to execute dependencies between the joint angles to compute them in the robot to emulate the real move without closing the loop (As you know, ROS doesn’t support close kinematic chains). I don’t know how to make the movement depend of two joint angles and that is stopping me in the project. I tried to implement that with mimic joints but that was imposible.

2-The second one is related with the first and has to do with Moveit. Can I do what I have posted in the first question with moveit or I have to do it directly in simulation with the appropiate programming of nodes, action and services? When I started the project my idea was to make it with moveit but now I don’t know if it’s possible.

Anyway, if someone knows about a ROS project or some articles or webpages related with the topic exposed would be really helpful. The topics in which I’m interested are: apply my own inverse and forward kinematics to moveit and use a combination of two joint angles for applying the angle to another joint on Moveit. I have read about IKfast but I think that doesn’t works for my project but if you think that could be a solution please let me know.

Thank you for reasing and I would be very grateful if someone could help me.