NO internet connection after installing ubuntu 20.04 as dual booting system

Hello, I’m now learning ROS in this website.
It’s very good educational course.
but I wanna install Linux and ROS on my computer and then play with robot.
I installed Linux Ubuntu 20.04 as dual booting system.
Btw… there is no internet connection…even though my one is wired with ethernet and can get wifi.
when I check ifconfig command, any signal.
Apparently, There was wifi signal before reboot. but now both ethernet and wifi can not be used in my Ubuntu.

How could I do to solve this problem?

Hi @jylee2020,

Thank you for learning ROS using our website.

  • Is the internet working on the other OS? If so, it might be that you need to find the Linux drivers for your Ethernet and WiFi cards.
  • Can you see the icons for Ethernet and WiFi on Linux, indicating that you have the drivers? If so, then there might be some other problems. In that case you should try to run some diagnostics and share the result.

Thank you for your feedback.
I think no internet connection now , when I checked ifconfig,
2. no icons for both ethernet and wifi. actually, there was wifi icon and even I used it for install other app.
but after reboot, there is no icon and no connection
How should I do ?

You’re welcome.

I think you did not get my question.

  1. You mentioned that you are dual-booting. What is the other operating system (OS) you are using? When you switch to that OS, can you access the internet?

Thank you for your kindness
Now I understand what you mean.
Sure. I installed 2 OS . Windows10 and Ubuntu 20.04 as dual booting system.
On windows, wifi and wired internet is available.
But on ubuntu , I can’t connect to both. Apparently there was wifi only before rebooting on ubuntu.
And I can also wifi icon on the right top tool bar on ubuntu, but now I can’t see it after rebooting.

I don’t know how to solve this problem well

Now, I know what was the problem in this situation. (but not exactly)
After installing Ubuntu, internet driver was not installed.
I just changed ethernet port 1(2.5G) to port2(1G)
It works well
but I think I need to download wifi driver and other drivers for optimized condition.
Thank you for your help

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That’s correct, you need to find the Linux drivers for your devices, WiFi, Ethernet and others.