Nodelet and yocs_velocity_smoother

Hi there, i want to know about : nodelet and yocs_velocity_smoother.
I have a quadruped project, i download the other quadruped project package, i read about the algorithm and there is two plugin that i dont understand before.

I have read about it on ros wiki but it not helped. Can you guys tells me what is that plugin ? just a simple definition that i can understand. Thank you so much

Hello @billy.nugraha.s,

Nodelets will allow you to optimize your processes when you work with messages that contain large amounts of data (like images, point clouds…). Basically, this is done by sending the pointer to that message rather than sending the message itself.

The yocs_velocity_smoother node just applies some velocity and acceleration limits to the incoming velocity commands before resending them to the robot. This will prevent your robot from making sharp movements.

Hope this helps you,