Plugin controller for omniwheel robot

Hello, i was wondering what is plugin controller for omniwheel robot (base 3)

From theconstruct, i common use in my urdf file.
But in turtlebot3 urdf, there is

what is different about these two files? and what is recommendation for my omniwheel robot?

Hello @billy.nugraha.s,

The Gazebo plugin allows you to setup simulated controllers to actuate the joints of your robot. The loads a plugin that provides a basic controller for differential drive robots.

In case you want to use an omniwheel robot, you can use, for instance, the Here you can find a video series where this is used: Using Gazebo Plugins to Simulate & Control Mecanum Wheels Robot. Another option could also be the gazebo_ros_force_based_move, which is a another plugin for simulating omniwheels.


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