[Question] Robot Localization

Hello community, I would like to create my own robot based on the information I got from the Ignite Academy.
My robot should be able to drive indoors ( for example garage) and outdoors (for example area near the garage).

  • I would like to use Map Server for providing a map.
  • I would like to use Kinect and convert data to fake laser data (instead of using Lidar).
    Also have (GPS module, IMU sensors, Wheel encoders, Sonars).
    I provide all necessary information for AMCL node.
    Then I plan to use robot_localization package and fuse IMU data, Wheel odometry data , AMCL pose data and get /odometry/filtered. Than I plan to use TEB local planner and get /cmd_vel.

My question is - Can I use GPS for localization outdoors and at the same time map for localization indoors?
Should I just provide previously builded map and fuse GPS data after transformation using navsat_transtormation_node with all other odometry data in the robot_localization package?
Or I misunderstand it and there is any other way to do it?

Thank you in advance!


Very good question.
In theory you can merge the extracted data from the nav_gps_transform into the localization system , with the amcl dat and the sensor data to have a beter navigation.

Another option is to alternate between navigation with amcl or gps depending on the environment. If you have a map of the envronment, then use the amcl, if not ( normalyoutdoors then use the gps style navigation.

You can do both. As you wish

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