QUIZ - Create the URDF from scratch

@staff could you assist me in this issue?

Well I have build successfully my urdf model, so I had a good grade on QUIZ. However I did not try to write a move script in python for the robot. In this way I used the python script example. However it did not work. When I run it, I have the following warning messages in loop:

rosrun my_gurdy_description move_gurdy.py
[INFO] [1576454227.567929, 0.000000]: Gurdy JointMover Initialising…
[WARN] [1576454232.595778, 3019.449000]: Time out /gurdy/joint_states
[WARN] [1576454638.091930, 3415.162000]: Time out /gurdy/joint_states
[WARN] [1576454643.103973, 3420.089000]: Time out /gurdy/joint_states
^C[WARN] [1576454647.919073, 3424.678000]: Time out /gurdy/joint_states
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/user/catkin_ws/src/my_gurdy_description/scripts/move_gurdy.py”, line 292, in
gurdy_jointmover_object = gurdyJointMover()
File “/home/user/catkin_ws/src/my_gurdy_description/scripts/move_gurdy.py”, line 60, in init
File “/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rospy/timer.py”, line 103, in sleep
File “/opt/ros/kinetic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rospy/timer.py”, line 166, in sleep
raise rospy.exceptions.ROSInterruptException(“ROS shutdown request”)
rospy.exceptions.ROSInterruptException: ROS shutdown request

How can I solve this issue? I would like to see how my model will behave during the motion.

Thanks in advance

What do you get if you do the following command?

$ rostopic list

Sir @rtellez @staff , these are the topics which are actives when I have spawned the Gurdy and used the move script to Gurdy:


R_Tellez do you have the solutions from exercise U3-2 and U3-3 from this class? I would like to correct my mistakes. I was curious to see the result, which works. Where could I find it?

Thanks :slight_smile: