Raspberry Pi 4 as Remote PC

Hello guys,

I am wondering, is it possible to setup a Raspberry PI 4 8Gb as the remote PC to control a Turtlebot3 burger?

I have a turtlebot3 burger that runs on ROS2 Foxy, and I am trying to setup another Raspberry Pi for the remote PC but I am not sure if that is possible, has anyone tried it?

I tried with Ubuntu 20.04 Server and then installed the Desktop with the command “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop”. It works but it is not reliable, SLAM fails very often (I guess because there are not many resources for it to work effectively).

Thank you for the support,

Yes, you can do that.

However, you are right that it can be hard to use the RPi4 as a Desktop, especially if you run things like rviz2.

I recommend setting the pi up as a server and not installing the desktop. This means you would need to run visualization things in a third PC, like your laptop for example.

What do you mean by SLAM fails very often?

Alright I can give that a try, will I be able to run RVIZ and Gazebo with Ubuntu Server? (never worked with the server before).

Sorry, I meant navigation not SLAM.
I have a program that performs a routine, go to place A, then go to place B etc using Ros2 Navigation. This program worked nicely when I used a laptop for the remote PC, although on the Raspberry Pi I noticed that the navigation fails too often, guess this is because of the lack of resources.

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A Raspberry will have problems displaying rviz and gazebo for sure, that’s why a suggest using it as a server. An ubuntu server is basically just the terminal, no other user interface. So you can’t run rviz nor gazebo

Got it. Although if an Ubuntu Server is just a terminal, how can I run the bring up (which takes one terminal) and then also run another terminal with my logic?

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