Remove Accidentaly a directory

@staff I have used the command wrongly:
rm -rf /home/catkin_ws/src/solution_jibo_description/ /usr/share/gazebo/models/

Now I deleted all the files contained inside my solution_jibo_description package…I need it again. How can I repair it? Is there a “ctrz” command? I need to use this directory to keep working with face_detector there were a lot of important steps there…Can you help me to repair?

Thanks in advance

Hi @marcusvini178
Unfortunately using the “rm” command directly deletes a file and is not normally reversible. The only chance you have are recovery programs, however, if something else has been written over it. The data is lost for good. Be very careful using the rm command. I recommend always navigating to where you want to delete something, and then deleting the file or directory directly from there, without adding the whole path.


Hi @marcusvini178 what @simon.steinmann91 indicates is right: you have to be careful with rm command because it deletes everything forever.

However, we have a backup mechanism in place inside Robot Ignite Academy that allows us to recover the content of your previous sessions. This is part of a mechanism that we will put to all of you students along this year. At present, it is only available to admins (not directly usable, requires some knowledge of the tool). So, let us recover your last session with the proper content on Monday.

Do not keep working on that Course until we recover, otherwise you will end having a mess of files

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hello. It is not necessary…but you can recover…I have rebuild this package from 0…and I needed to implement in My notebook because the student area not support to spawn a lot of models in Gazebo to do face recognition with Jibo…I also tried in ROS development studio, following the live class 18…and did not work for a robot model with controllers…there is a lot of bugs need to be correct for that…versions deprecated etc…

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Thanks for the update @marcusvini178.

We’re not going to recover the file since you say it’s not necessary. Should you find it necessary please let us know.

Regarding any other problems you may be having, could you please make a different post about them, giving as much details as possible?


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For sure @bayodesegun the issue I commented above is an extension of a beginning problem, which I am going to add your name in the post, so in this way you can help me. Thanks!