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Hi @staff I am currently testing AutowareAI with SVL simulator. However I am facing some issues, as described here: INTEGRATION: [PythonAPI + AutowareAI] or [VSE + AutowareAI] running in Docker (AutowareAI version: 1.14.0) Ubuntu 20.04 · Issue #1341 · lgsvl/simulator · GitHub
According to LG staff my notebook is not strong enough to run both SVL and Autoware AD stack simultaneously without having some failures in Modules.

According to the documentation: System requirements - SVL Simulator

I need to run both the simulator and the AD stack successfully the following requirements:

From my Aspire VX 15 notebook I have the following configuration:


Number of cores: 4 or 8 ?( I do not understand)
Speed of 2.80 GHz right? What means capacity = 4005 MHz = 4 Ghz. I am confuse now the speed is 2.8 GHz or 4 GHz?


Memory is around 4 Gb correct?

General System + Nvidia Graphic Card

Nvidia Card: Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

In a summarize comparing to the requirements of SVL documentation

A) I need 4 GHz Quad core CPU = 16 cores ?
I believe I have 4 cores right or is it dual?
B) Need 4 GHz CPU
Reality: 2.8 GHz or 4 GHz ?

  1. Need at least: GTX1080 with 8GB memory
    Reality: GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB memory

  2. GPU with at least 10 Gb of memory
    Reality: Gpu with 4 Gb of memory

As far as I understood and from experience trying the software the modules will fail.
Then as solution, this following snippet of documentation suggest me to use a distributed system:

Actually it seems this strategy is even better than having a super powerful machine, as they say.
However I have nerver used 2 notebooks or different PCs integrated, and I do not know how to set this:

  1. Run SVL simulator on my machine (ok)
  2. Run The AutowareAI stack on other machine and force to connect with this first machine running the simulator ( How to set this)

I am not an expert on computers, then after the next step I would like some advice from you, regarding what would be more feasible (in terms of efficiency and money). In my case is just for a research, I just need the modules working regular, not the best performance. Then What would you suggest:

  1. Chosse the distributed systems option:
    Buy, rent or lend another notebook from a friend or store and try to run the AD Autoware Stack on this machine and run the simulator on my machine or the contrary? I ask this because I will probably get a less powerful machine than mine (because of price). And what would be the minimum specification for this machine to run the simulator or the AD stack?

  2. Choose running run everything on the same machine:
    Buy a new Nvidia GTX 1080 (8 GB memory) and install on my actual notebook (retrieving the current Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti). Actually I do not know if this is possible because of size of this?

  3. In the past If I am not wrong Robot Ignite Academy offered the option to rent a machine from you, and pay for hour/week or months. I did not remember exactly. Does this option is possible? How much is it? And do you have machines that have these requirements? Would be possible to use these machines to run AutowareAI with SVL simulator together or would I need to rent 1 machine for the simulator for example and I run the AutowareAI stack on my machine integrated?

I will be very grateful for any suggestion.
Please let me know if exist other possibilities.

Thanks in advance.


First of all, we really appreciate all the effort that you have done to explain in such detail the issue. We LOVE people like you that are so passionate about robotics.

We are working on a project that is in line with what you are mentioning here and we would be delighted to have a meeting with you so that we can talk about how we can help you in this matter.

We are at your disposal to arrange a meeting next week, at any time that you are available, and start working on a solution for you.

Here are my contacts so we can arrange a meeting:

Alternative Email:

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Hi @duckfrost :open_mouth: this is an amazing news!!!

I will be very happy for this assistance. I am kind of very alone on it.

Before contact you I am just figuring out the possibility to connect to a best high performance computer, one of the questions above.
Well for that if someone of your team have already done this, please answer this question:

I will send you an e-mail for we set up this meeting, I hope before it, to be with these computers connection done, and therefore we can plan better what and how the simulation could be done.

The youtube links below, show one of the current issues I am facing

- Visual Editor or PythonAPI issues to let SVL simulator opened with the customized scenario.


Thanks very very much for the assistance!

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