ROS 1 Bridge running in docker container not received published topics from ROS 2 humble

I am using my system to simulate(22.04 & Humble) a turtlebot3 and a teleop twist keyboard.
This system publishes camera topics to be used by container 1.

2 docker containers.
Container 1: runs ORB SLAM3(18.04 & Melodic)
I’ve tried to install ROS2 in this container so I can just run the bridge straight away but since it’s running 18.04 I have been unable to install ros 2

Container 2&3:
runs ros 1 bridge(foxy & noetic) & master
taken from
Screenshot from 2023-05-20 02-20-10

Although when running ROSCORE in Container 1 it acts as the master node and gives the ip without running the master node container in container 2&3 I will get the error that there is no master, which is why I am running 2 ROS1 masters.

When running rostopic list in container 1, no topics publsihed from the system are received
Screenshot from 2023-05-20 02-24-18

Screenshot from 2023-05-20 02-20-54

I have implemented this method because I’d like to use ROS2 Humble for whatever I am able to and add in a docker containers which contain 1 of several visual SLAM algorithms I’d like to use since they are all written for various distros and ubuntu versions

Hello @oei.nick,
I will try to replicate your example to help you debug the issue.
Could you please share your Dockerfile for Container1 and your docker-compose.yml file for Container 2&3 (as code, not as an image)? I just want to make sure we have the exact same files. Also, what is the command that you are executing to start Container1 ? Please provide the exact command since there are command line options that determine how containers can communicate with each other.



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