ROS2 Manipulation Basics: Exercice 5.4 correction

Hello everyone,
In the chapter 5 for the last exercise (exercise 5.4), I didn’t succeed to do it. Does somebody have done it and can share the answer please ?

Thank you!

Hi @Brubotics ,

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It is quite easy to do this task. I will give you the steps to the solution, try to code it yourself.

  1. Launch the perception action server.
  2. Make an action request to get all the detected objects.
  3. From the action result, get the dimensions and poses of the objects.
  4. Now filter the object based on its detected dimensions.
  5. Once you have selected the object to pick, use the manipulator to go to that pose.
  6. Open the gripper, do the approach-retreat motion. You might have to add some offsets pysically.
  7. Close the gripper to grasp the object.
  8. Move the arm to the place position.
  9. Open the gripper to release the object.
  10. Get back to a home position.

You need to make an action call to /find_objects action server to get the list of detected objects and their dimensions and poses.

I hope this helps!


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