ROS2 URDF Course, Section 1


Please see picture below


Please explain more precisely how to add
What to select
Where to set
It is not clear

Further more what I assume is the picture that suppose to explain all this is very blur


Thank you


I understand from your question that you have never used rviz2 before.

So with that presumption, here is the method to “Add” elements in Rviz2

  1. Launch rviz for ROS2: command is just rviz2
  2. Once launched, maximize the rviz screen so that you can see all the panels in the rviz window.
  3. Once maximized, on your left panel, at the bottom you can find four buttons : Add, Duplicate, Remove, Rename
  4. Click on Add button to bring up elements window.
  5. Scroll down the menu to find and add RobotModel and TF

Screenshot attached for info:

Please take some time to get yourself acquainted with the interface.


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Hello @TAURD,

I have updated the course to add more specific details to this part. I hope it is clearer now.

In order to display a large image you can click on the maximize icon that will enlarge the lecture text.

Please report any other difficulties that you encounter, we are working hard to improve the course.



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