ROSDS Navigation RVIZ Visualization

I am at Seciton 2 of the Navigation ROSDS and i am trying to launch the amcl node. When i opened rviz i got “unknown frame map” error, so i changed the fixed frame to base_link and the error went away, but now i cant visualize the published map

This is my launchfile:

I am thankful for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @woeberinroslol ,

I just completed this project and I believe that “Fixed Frame” must always be map. If you use base_link or base_footprint it will most likely not work.

Try doing things in this order:

  1. Start real robot turtlebot simulation in first terminal (wait for gazebo to launch)
  2. Start teleop in second terminal
  3. Launch your localization launch file in third terminal
  4. Once AMCL is started and running, then start rviz in fourth terminal.
  5. Once Rviz loads, open the saved rviz config for localization.
  6. Run the teleop to move the robot and localize the robot on the map.

This is what I always follow and has worked for me.

Try this and let me know if your problem is fixed.


Thank you, I will try this as soon as i can :slight_smile: