ROSDS Part 1 Teleop not working

I am trying to run the Teleop but it is giving me an error.

I tried running the steps that workbook mention (you can find it on the right window).
But it says ‘turtlebot3_teleop’ pkg does not exist

Hi @Swap2603, you need to tell us the name of the project you are running.

I have been able to figure out that it’s the project. It’s the ROS2 Basics Python Real Robot Project.

For this case, have you started the ROS bridge, the command given just before the telop commands?

Hello @bayodesegun, sorry for not mentioning the name of the project.
Its ROS2 basics Python Real Robot Project and I am working on Part 1 - Topics.

Yes I have started the ROS bridge and also sourced the ROS2 workspace

Not I see that it seems you have an older version of the rosject.

Please back up any packages you have created and update the rosject. Then go to My Rosjects, and you should see a red dot on the rosject indicating that an update is available for it.

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