Rtabmap octomap, for moveit octomap

My question is how could one feed moveit with the octomap obtained from rtabmap instead of its own octomap?

Hello @ali70esf ,

Have a look at this video: [ROS Q&A] 193 - How to load a pre-built octomap into MoveIt - YouTube

Hope it helps,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Let me explain my question in more details. Let’s assume I have a universal robot ur5 with a camera located at the end effector (gripper) of ur5. Now I want to use octomap obtained from rtabmap in moveit. But there are some problems:

  1. base_link is fixed and camera_link can have only one parent, so the transformation between the odom topic obtained from the rtabmap and the robot is not possible.
  2. camera_link cannot be selected as the base_link because of moveit configuration.
  3. if the transformation between odom from rtabmap and robot is not defined carefully, the octomap will be placed wrongly.

So my real question is that, how rtabmap can be used for armed robots when camera is placed on the robot (hand in eye configuration), and how the transformation between rtabmap and the robot should be defined while the robot_base is fixed.