Running duckietown locally


Does anyone have a tutorial/ walkthrough on how to install and run duckietown on my personal computer? (Ubuntu 18.04)

I followed the online tutorials (#30 - #32 on the ROSject environment) and it was a fun experience.
I want to to try to run it locally, but I’m not sure how to install duckietown.
I followed this repo, but I understood it’s not enough. Currently I get a message saying:
Could not find a package configuration file provided by “duckietown_msgs”
with any of the following names:



I checked and saw that someone else had a similar issue in the past, I tried also to paste the msg folder into catkin_ws and it didn’t solve my problem.

I’ll appreciate any help!

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I was able to run catkin_make, but now I can’t launch the simulation from live class #31
When I run the command roslaunch duckitown_gazebo main.launch I get an error saying it’s not a launch file.

Any tips on how to run the code from the live classes locally?