Rviz2 cloudpoint error 5.1.2

Hi, I am trying to attempt Exercise 5.1.2, however when I execute the command “rviz2” into the console to add PointCloud2 I get a general in error in Rviz2. Is there any fix for this? I have tried to colcon build the workspace before launching the command a couple of times but still no luck. I have also tried to launch the “rviz2” command after launching the moveit2 configuration using “ros2 launch my_moveit2_config move_group.launch.py” but it still displays that general error. Thanks


That error happens because there is no map frame in the simulation you are using. If you click on the dropdown menu for “Fixed Frame” you can select one that exists in the simulation.

That way you can add the pointcloud that will be associated with an existing TF tree.

I understand, Thanks.

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