Sjtu ardrone problem with Gazebo

Hello there i have problem with Gazebo

i copied this solution : [ROS Q&A] 191 - How to Launch the Parrot Drone Simulation Locally - The Construct
but if i try to launch the simulation Gazbeo is not displaying anything.

here is a share link of ROSject:

If i launch it with this command :
source ~/parrot_ws/devel/setup.bash
rosrun drone_construct

Hi @gbr.bartek ,

Unfortunately this tutorial was made for the previous version of our platform. So follow below the instructions to make it work in this new one:

  1. Move the drone packages to ~/simulation_ws/src

  2. Compile simulation_ws and run the script

    cd ~/simulation_ws
    rosrun drone_construct

  3. In another tab, run gzclient to open the GUI of gazebo

You must have something like the image below

Please, let me know if that works for you


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That works, thanks a lot

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