Src folder is empty

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I have an empty src folder for each lesson. Cmd works well and new files appear, but I’m unable to explore source code -___-

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Could you please tell us which course you are taken? And…

Have you created any source code previously? The src folder will be empty until you create your own files.

Hi @bayodesegun

ROS Navigation in 5 Days
At unit 3 you suggest to explore and copy content from .launch file in some predefined library, but there are no any link to some .launch file or repo :frowning:

You are to copy that file from the package mentioned in a). The launch file is located inside the package.

To see the files of that package, you need to run the following from one of the terminals (shells):

roscd husky_navigation
# Then "browse" the content of the package, find and copy the file

You need a knowledge of ROS and Linux and Python, and this course assumes you have that. If not, I recommend the following courses, in order:

  1. Linux for Robotics.
  2. Python for Robotics
  3. ROS Basics in 5 days.

PS: You can earn a certificate by following the Code Foundation for ROS path, which covers Linux and Python basics (and is completely free!).

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thank you, @bayodesegun !
I thought that I familiar enough with linux\ros, that’s why I expected to find package files at source directory :slight_smile: Thank you it resolved my issue!

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