Turtlebot3 camera calibration

Hello, I’ve tried to move my turtlebot3 with the e-manual that is below link from robotis web page.

I finished from bring-up to slam and navigation manual. It worked well.
But I’m now trouble in doing autonomous driving section.
I did camera calibration but It didn’t work well.
I got error like this.

[ERROR] [1612166649.572207]: bad callback : <bound mehthod Detection.cbFindLane of <main.DetectionLane instance at 0x7f037081c638>

Actually I don’t know what is main reason for this problem.
I wanna solve this. How to solve and move it following the lane?

Thank you.


I would suggest to first try it in simulation in a ROSject or locally to see if its related to the Hardware setup or its the lane following software for some reason.

Thank you for your recommendation.

Can I ask you how to start this race project in ROSject?

Which “Race project are you reffering to”?

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I mean this project.
I follow this manual. but I have a trouble in camera calibration section


Haven’t done that setup. Maybe if you post here the errors we can have a look.

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Thank you for your kindness