Unable to save config in rviz

When I try to saveas a config, I am unable to enter a name in the ‘FIle name’ text box. The only work around I have is that, in case you have access to an already saved file, select it, then save it at your preferred location and afterwards rename it.
Only once was I actually able to enter text into the ‘File name’ filed and at that time I had surmised that that was due to the config having errors in it. Now, it is completely fine, yet this is the issue.

Any ideas how I can prevent this from happening again?

Hi @arnab007 ,

It may happen that this window loose the keyboard focus, please try to use the button on the top-right corner

Screenshot from 2022-05-12 16-16-24

Then try clicking again over RViz window (you may need to click twice, to focus on it).

Please let me know if this workaround does work for you