Unable to Spawn URDF

Earlier I had to download a SDF to URDF converter package and run the “.py” code. I recieved an error that asked to to download python3 for it reslove and it did.

Later when I tried running my spawn.launch, I get an error that seems like a conflict between versions of python2.7 and python3. Can anyone help resolve the error. The error is as shown below:

Hi @mamojiz97 ,

This seems to be a problem with the tf2 package of the Melodic version. Try to update the tf2 packages of the ROS Melodic version. That could fix the problem.

I have not worked on Melodic version, so I am not exactly sure. I went straight to Noetic from Kinetic.

According to the error output, you have two issues:

  1. The package name must be in lower case, so change all occurrences RFID_tag_plugin to rfid_tag_plugin.
  2. The tf2 python module seems to be missing the __init__ function, so try to update your package version.


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