Unit 2 The topics are not numbered in order

If you scan through topic headings they are:

Unit 2: Building a Visual Robot Model with URDF

2.1 What is URDF Format?

2.2 Links and Joints

2.3 Creating a launch file for the URDF model

2.4 Visualizing an URDF model in Rviz2

2.5 URDF model TF frames

  • Exercise 2.3.1 -

2.3.1 Morphology of Robot and Joint State Publisher

Then it seems there is another

  • Exercise 2.3.1 -
    Then another

2.4 Import and Use 3D Meshes

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Hello @davef ,

Many thanks for letting us know, it has already been fixed.


As far as I can tell The construct is the most complete resource for learning ROS and ROS2.

Trying to keep all the course content upto date can not be easy.

Rather than get frustrated about it, I will try to report two bugs per day

Do you prefer that I use the forum or the bug reporting tool in the bottom right corner?

BTW, I greatly appreciate that you fixed this quickly.


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There still seems to be a bit of confusion.

The text that starts with
" You can now modify the urdf_visualize.launch.py , creating a version that also launches the RVIZ2 that you will name urdf_visualize_rviz.launch.py :"

and exercise - Exercise 2.3.1 -

should probably be moved into the section

2.4 Visualizing an URDF model in Rviz2

rather than be included in the section

2.5 URDF model TF frames

Better to use the forum if the bug is related to the courses.

Let me capture this for review by the team.

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Solved in the remake if the unit2