Unit3: Lagrange Python file Error

On running lagrange.py file of Unit3, getting the error of "cannt set attributes,

I ran this whole code in Jupyter Notebook and i didnot get any error.
Kindly help in solving it.

Hello @misbahsuhail123,

could you please compare your file with the code shown below?
The first part of the lagrange.py file, where you build the Lagrangian should look like this:

from __future__ import print_function, division
from sympy import symbols, simplify, trigsimp
from sympy.physics.mechanics import (dynamicsymbols, ReferenceFrame, Point,
                                     inertia, RigidBody, Lagrangian, LagrangesMethod)
from sympy.physics.vector import init_vprinting, vlatex
init_vprinting(use_latex='mathjax', pretty_print=False)

inertial_frame = ReferenceFrame('I')
lower_link_frame = ReferenceFrame('L')
upper_link_frame = ReferenceFrame('U')

theta_1, theta_2 = dynamicsymbols('theta_1 theta_2')
dtheta_1, dtheta_2 = dynamicsymbols('theta_1 theta_2', 1)

tau_1, tau_2 = dynamicsymbols('tau_1 tau_2')
l_1, l_2 = symbols('l_1 l_2', positive=True)
r_1, r_2 = symbols('r_1 r_2', positive=True)
m_1, m_2, b, g = symbols('m_1 m_2 b g')
I_1_yy, I_2_yy = symbols('I_{1yy}, I_{2yy}')

lower_link_frame.orient(inertial_frame, 'Axis', [theta_1, inertial_frame.y])
upper_link_frame.orient(lower_link_frame, 'Axis', [
                        theta_2, lower_link_frame.y])

shoulder = Point('S')
shoulder.set_vel(inertial_frame, 0)

elbow = Point('E')
elbow.set_pos(shoulder, l_1 * lower_link_frame.z)
elbow.v2pt_theory(shoulder, inertial_frame, lower_link_frame)

CM_1 = Point('CM_1')
CM_1.set_pos(shoulder, r_1 * lower_link_frame.z)
CM_1.v2pt_theory(shoulder, inertial_frame, lower_link_frame)

CM_2 = Point('CM_2')
CM_2.set_pos(elbow, r_2 * upper_link_frame.z)
CM_2.v2pt_theory(elbow, inertial_frame, upper_link_frame)

I_1 = inertia(lower_link_frame, 0, I_1_yy, 0)
BODY_1 = RigidBody('lower_link', CM_1, lower_link_frame, m_1, (I_1, CM_1))

I_2 = inertia(upper_link_frame, 0, I_2_yy, 0)
BODY_2 = RigidBody('upper_link', CM_2, upper_link_frame, m_2, (I_2, CM_2))

P_1 = m_1 * g * inertial_frame.z
r_1_CM = CM_1.pos_from(shoulder).express(inertial_frame)
BODY_1.potential_energy = r_1_CM.dot(P_1)

P_2 = m_2 * g * inertial_frame.z
r_2_CM = CM_2.pos_from(shoulder).express(inertial_frame).simplify()
BODY_2.potential_energy = r_2_CM.dot(P_2)

L = Lagrangian(inertial_frame, BODY_1, BODY_2)

See if you can find any differences,



Thanks for your help. code is working now :slight_smile:

Hi @misbahsuhail123,

You are welcome. I am glad it helped you fix the issue.


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