URDF Car - Real model

Dear experts.

I want to perform in the future a simulation of self.driving car, with the model we have in our lab, a BMW 335 i GT. My question is where could I get the model of this car, in terms of mass, inertial moment, dimensions, kg. Did you have already built a car in urdf taken real data of a car? If yes could you please indicate me a site, magazine, contact or similar source in order to obtain that? Is there models ready to use, which I can find in other formats such dae, stl, etc and convert to use in my urdf model to spawn in Rviz-Gazebo? Thanks in advance.


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Well I would recommend you to use an already working simulation, like this onecreated by the OSRF. They should have done it correctly: PRIUSGazebo

@duckfrost thanks for the information I had read about this car model when I was studying AUTOWARE features. Regarding AUTOWARE, what could you suggest me? My friends in the lab wants to change my project, which I proposed use the OMPL from MoveIt to perform an autonomous navigation for a self-driving car (The RRT) and visualize in Rviz, build the world and communicating with Gazebo. I really don´t know how I am going to do that hahaha. But my professor did with Girona 500 IAUV, and he wants I repeat this with a car. However my professor is in Brazil and I came to Germany where the friends want me to use AUTOWARE. Is possible to use this software before finishes the ROS courses? I am finishing the ROS Basics module and later I will begin the navigation and self-driving module… to later start in AUTOWARE…I am not sure is possible to begin in AUTOWARE without this base or is?