-URDF for robot modeling Unit 2- Add robot description to rviz

After having us create an xml urdf file as well as a launch file, the instructions have us launch the launch file, then it says we’ll need to add a robot description, I have clicked everywhere inside of rviz, there is no option to add a robot description anywhere.

So I’m stuck with an empty rviz, plz help! Thank you! :smiley:

you have to add

  • TF
  • RobotModel
    as the desciption says. When you have added the RobotModel, you can then select the robot_description there. The launch file uploaded the urdf file to the ROS parameter server under the parameter “robot_description”.

Hi Simon,
the course about URDF is supposed to take before TF course, how can i add TF or RobotModel?
Do you recommend to take TF course first?
Thank you.

when RVIZ is open, you click on ‘Add’ on the lower left side, and select ‘robot model’ from the list, and then the same for ‘tf’

I was stuck on this too, basically when rviz opens you need to resize the program window so you can see all of rviz. Then there is an “add” button at the bottom left as Simon pointed out. Hope this helps

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