URDF for Robot Modelling

I have been using Solidworks for all my designs and assemblies for a long time now. I also recently started a course on URDF for Robot Modelling.

I am aware that there are ways to convert a Solidworks Assembly file to an URDF format and use it to run the simulations.

My question is that should I continue working on this course or should I take a different approach to learn importing Solidworks file and move on to run the simulations?

I guess my question will be answered within the course itself. I do see a section describing how to import 3D CAD models.


At the end depends on you. There are many ways of importing 3D model sinto Gazebo.
You can use URDFS, but Also SDFs.
You can use obj or stls or daes, dpeending on what you use.
And you can autogenerate the URDF files with the Solidworks-To-URDF plugin or do it by hand the URDF or XACRO. The plugin doenst work with everything and when you try somewhat complex models at the end you end up doing it manually.

But as I said , dpeends on your personal preference.

Hi @duckfrost2
Thank you for replying

When you say “doing it manually”, do you mean building (typing out the design) the URDF model separately on ROS itself?

Yes exactly, editing a URDF file in an IDE.

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