URDF Jibo Project won't spawn

Hi can someone please help me to solve this error? I keep getting it when I try and spawn my Jibo project into Gazebo. I have structured my code to be similar to the code for the gurdy project. The code for the grurdy project works perfectly but when I try and run my Jibo code I get this error. I have been troubleshooting it for a while and I notice that when I comment out the transmission part of my udrf I get a different error. Below are my launch files and urdf. The last picture is the error when I do not include the transmission part.


Spawn Launch File(spawn_jibo.launch):

Control Launch File(jibo_control.launch->I have also tried another name jibo_control_two.launch):

Yaml file (jibo_control.yaml):

Here is the other error I mentioned


Please have a look at this git for the solution: https://bitbucket.org/theconstructcore/urdf_course_exercises/src/master/