URDF joint limits

I was surprised by how much the joint limits effect standing. I wasn’t sure if the quiz required gurdy to stand and move so I didn’t take it until I had it standing and moving with some limitations. Now that I have the limits (I hope their correct) from the solution gurdy no longer stands. Why do the joint limits play such a significant role in gurdy’s ability to stand up ? Does it have to do with the range of motion each joint has ? I found that restricting the range seems to help.


So that it doesnt “stand” its bit vage. If you mean that when spawned it falls, thats just becuase the controle doesnt get activated instantly, which makes the joints limp for a few seconds and make it fall.

If you can control the robot limbs and it doesnt get the legs to move to a position to make it stand, then it could be due to limits but also due to effort being too low or friction in joints being too high. There are a lot of things that can affect that. If you could post here a video of what is happening we might have a better idea :wink:

I understand this now after more reading and experimenting I found that yes it is related to the range of motion I could get gurdy to stand even when the controllers were not active just by reducing the joint limits thereby reducing the range of movement. By narrowing the limits gurdy was unable to fall because the joints were stuck in a range that prevented them from moving too much which kept gurdy standing. If this is incorrect then correct it or add to it if needed. I mistakenly thought this was a response to my new post regarding an error about the control manager which is missing now so I reposted it. Titled: Error no control manager.