Urgent help - no image recieved on my rviz camera

I watched the OpenCV live class and followed the course step by step on the constructsim in order to visualize my gazebo simulated world from a robot on a graphical tool using the the script, but when i tried it on my local computer (Ubuntu18.04lts VMWare/ROS-Melodic), my RVIZ camera gives an error message No image recieved.

Please can i get an urgent help, i need to submit the work today,

hi @TTG try using the image display instead of the camera, have a look to the rostopic info of the type of msg you are trying to visualize.

This is the msg: sensor_msgs/Image
and there is no publisher

If there is no publisher, then it makes sense that no image is being received. You have it working on the constructsim, right? Try running rostopic info there and find how the publisher is set up there

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