Use other dae 3d cad from blender

I worked fine without find erros throught the lessons: I mounted mira and visualized it both on Rviz and Gazebo. After I tryed to substitute also the file mira_body_v3.dae with skull_v3.dae and this time too without problems I visualized mira with this new skull.dae file in gazebo and rviz.
At the end, I tryied to import a cad file custom.stl drawed with Creo using Blender to add the coulours and exporting it as custom.dae: in this case happens that if I substitute at the file mira_body_v3.dae this custom.dae file, visualizing mira in Rviz and Gazebo I see mira without this new file. Please, I would to know if I have to add something at custom.dae file to be working.
Thanks in advance for you help

Hi Salvatore,

The course is only prepared for the models given in the examples, due to the restrictions in the platform.
The course objective is to show you how its done and give you some hands on experience.
If you want to create your own version, yu just have to create a ROSject and there you can launch and create any robot you want without any issues or restrictions. Its the Developement part of TheConstruct platform.

You can even share that rosject here so that we can help you in the develoement ;).

If you try that there, it will work for sure;)

Hi duckfrost,
thanks for your answer.