Using effort controller with Gazebo to send effort messages to the simulation

Dear Robot Ignite Academy members,
I am working on a personal project with a robotic manipulator. I am trying to send effort message to the joints. I used the effort_controllers/JointEffortController to send effort messages to gazebo. I found the without declaring the dynamic damping of the joint, the robot behaves similarly for any effort value. How do you determine the dynamic damping ? Can it only be determined experimentally? Also, should the behavior of the joint be different for different effort values due to the inertia and gravity. In my simulation 1 Nm produces a similar behavior as 100 Nm. I could use some help understanding effort controller. If anyone has used it?


As far as simulations goes there are two aproahces:

  1. Is to do some benchmarking with the real robot and the simulation to adjust the simulated values until it behaves as the real robot.
  2. Just place values that make the robot behave realsticly, and your algorithms should be robust enough to cope with the differences, because its always slighly differnt in reality.