Using ros control with hardware

so i was wondering on how to use roscontrol when we have some hardware like a real robot, while using an arduino to send commands to the servos and dc motors. i know that i have to use rosserial to send command to the arduino so will i use the controller topics fir the simulated robot to interact with the hardware ? you know by creating subscribers in arduino to subscribe the values given to the controller topics?? in short what should i do to implement roscontrol with a real robot.


So in ARDUIN there is a library called roslib that allows ARDUINO topublish ROS messhages through ROSSERIAL. I would start frm there. Get the ARDIONO recieve movement messages for the actuators and send sensor messges. When you have that they you will be able to control through ros.

But if in your hardware you need fst control, I would implementit inside the ARDUINO itself, to avoidspeed issues.
There is lso hardware ready for ROS and micros-ros ( ROS for microcontrolles ), which is more suited forrealtime system basic control: