Using URDF for Gazebo - moving robot

When I spawn my robot_with controllers (roll, pitch, yaw) in Gazebo and later run the code in tutorial “my_mira_demo”
rosrun my_mira_description
[INFO] [1575987059.489119, 0.000000]: Mira JointMover Initialising…
[WARN] [1575987114.509828, 1901.327000]: Time out /mira/joint_states
[WARN] [1575987169.519279, 1954.244000]: Time out /mira/joint_states
[WARN] [1575
[WARN] [1575987334.533280, 2110.611000]: Time out /mira/joint_states

Well I don’t understand why the robot gets stuck in this code block and don’t continuous reading the code in which there are publications to roll pitch and yaw joints…it just keeps reading and printing this exception…why? I can’t see my robot moving…and I have already used rostopic echo for all the mira joints…and nothing is being published. The echo for the joint state, however, displays me very very quickly values changing too fast, but just the last values after comma…
Can someone give me a hint why this is happening?
Thanks in advance

Maybe I be not be right…but I was using the cromolum head …I have just changed the type of the robot head reload the site again and now the robot moved…and I could see the banana in the camera…
did the robot did not move because of the other head mesh complexity or size? and so the joint efforts were not enough to move it, something like that ? or am I wrong?

I see someone found the cromulon head ;).

Well in theory if the mass and the innertias are the same, it doenst matter the mesh really, unless it collides with other parts and avoids movements.

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